Open Your Qube! website startup

Title words when Qube3 had been released in July 2003. We have started our project on website with a title 'Open your Qube!'.
URL had been moved to in July 2004.

In July 2003, Sun Microsystems released the source code of Qube3 as Open Source software.

Cobalt was one of the small venture companies in Silicon Valley that had been founded in 1996. And they had been acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2000. Qube3 is a product that was developed in the age of Cobalt. After the merger, Sun Microsystems continued to sell Qube3 and they also supported it as the product of Sun Cobalt sever appliance series.
With more than 2 years passing since the debut of Qube3, Sun Microsystems discontinued the Qube3 business without Qube4 or any other plans. Of course, they still keep the support service for Qube3 and continue to sell RaQ550 model that is the other product of Sun Cobalt series. Anyways, for our Cobalt users, it was a little bit lonely news because Qube series was a symbol of Cobalt brand since the first age of their history.

Sun Microsystems announced the end of life of Qube3, but on the other hand, they released the software of it as Open Source. By this action, Qube3 software will get a new life from Open Source community.
It is welcome for our Cobalt Users Group and we support it. We appreciate Sun Microsystems company and all of the related staff who take part in this project. And we are so glad to join in the support activity immediately.

We, Cobalt Users Group in Japan, were starting in 1998 with great expectation of the future of Cobalt. We hope that we will be able to share the same feelings at that time with you. It is why we are starting up this site.

Yutaka Yasuda, Cobalt Users Group