Source Code and Binary Distribution

There are 2 ways to get the Current BlueQuartz. There is Install CD image to help to setup and try it. And more, recent and ongoing development codes are also served through Subversion repository.

Before you try this : Current BlueQuartz system is not a complete product. It is still under porting and developing, just a kind of beta-version. So then, you might not be able to use it as an alternative, as the completed Cobalt server product right now. You can check the progress of this project through our mailing list. Just for your information.

Currently, we serve BlurQuartz 5100R software and it is based on RaQ550 source code. So we call it as Hosting Edition also.
We also distribute Sun released Qube3/RaQ550 source codes too as is. See Original Files section.
Install CD image

You can build the system from following modules manualy but also NuOnce is releasing install CD image based on BlueQuartz. See;
(Attention please, NuOnce system may have some additional packages than original BlueQuartz. Anyway, thanks Brian!)

Attention please : NuOnce had been ceased their business at January 2009.
Their ISO image is available at Free BlueQuartz server appliance software page of Solarspeed.

Subversion repository
The current, ongoing source codes are available through Subversion. 'trunk' is the recent version.
5100R development codes.
utils(cmu, cce-shell-tools) development codes.*/trunk/
To get them using command line interface, see follows;

$ svn checkout svn/cce
$ svn checkout svn/ui
$ svn checkout svn/cmu
$ svn checkout svn/cce-shell-tools

etc. etc.
(The certification are self-signed.)

Web interface: It is available that you can browse source codes through the web interface. See;

For developer: There is Trac web system. It might help to bugtrack and issue based discussion.
And mailing list is also running to help developer's discussion.

Original Files
RaQ550 based original source code is here, version 1.0 which had been released from Sun in 24th December, 2003. README.txt file exists on the top of extracted directory.
Qube3 based original source code is here, version 1.4 which had been released from Sun in 16th July, 2003. README.txt file exists on the top of extracted directory.
We serve them through Subversion, see following place; (RaQ550 source) (Qube3 source)