Mailing List
Mailing list is the main part of our communication and information exchanging. Please subscribe it first, if you have an interests with our activities.

Japanese Mailing list is also available. Please check it out too.
Usage policy
In general, you should use the mailing list to obtain and share technical inforation with other users. The public lists which includes all end user
mailing lists, development list, wikis, and issue reporting systems, are essential to The BlueQuartz Project. While all mailing list are open, The
BlueQuartz Project reserves the right to monitor and change the mailing list policies at any time.

We are happy to allow a public form of communication in a spirit of transparency and openness. There are however guidelines for posting and
it should be understood that failure to follow the proper guidelines can result in suspension and banning from posting to the mailing list
for particular users.

These policies will be enforced by the BlueQuartz Project.

  1. All messages must relate to the BlueQuartz, however slightly general topic messages are allowed. The list owner interprets this rather
    broadly, but messages that are clearly off-topic will not be tolerated.
  2. Advertisements are not appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, announcements of new personal products and free trials by those
    who stand to gain from such announcements. However, a simple statement that offers a way to follow-up for more information on a service
    or product is tolerated if it accompanies a substantive message discussing a subject appropriate to the list. Announcements of 
    conferences, workshops, new publications, and position openings appropriate to the topic of the list are allowed. 
  3. Virus warnings (not bug reports), are strongly discouraged, and ONLY official CERT or similar advisories are acceptable.
    In addition, before forwarding any virus information you may wish to check for Internet Hoaxes and Virus Hoaxes for additional information
    and how to spot hoaxes.
  4. Personal attacks such as name calling and personal insults will not be tolerated. Comments that are intended only to enrage the recipient
    or others rather than contribute to thoughtful discussion are prohibited. 
  5. Any comments related to race, religion, sex or politics are strictly prohibited.
  6. All postings must be free of copyright restrictions that limit distribution. For example, posting a significant amount of a copyrighted
    work verbatim requires the permission of the copyright holder. To verify that such permission was obtained, all postings of this nature
    must include a statement that this is the case. 
  7. The preferred format for list messages is plain text. Subscribers whose mail clients default to other formats such as HTML should configure
    them to send plain text when posting to the list. Sending MIME file attachments of any kind is prohibited; to prevent the spread of viruses,
    or other types of infections.
  8. The total size of any message should not exceed 10k.
Please read these additional links:
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Mailing List Etiquette FAQ
Privacy policy
All articles will be archived automatically and it may be accessible through the Net. Some contents of articles may be picked up to our FAQ or other documents of our Users Group without any notice. Please take attention of these conditions and we hope your cooperation.
How to subscribe.
  1. Send a request mail first.
      Subject: (no need)
      subscribe Yutaka Yasuda
      The above example use my name but please replace it as your name.
      The email address - that is included as "From:" field of this request
      message - will regist.
  2. You will receive following message for confirmation.
      Subject: Subscribe confirmation request (coba-e ML)
      confirm 200307051152491623443234188 Yutaka Yasuda
      *** Confirmation of your will ***
      This mail is to confirm your will that you will join <>.
      If you join this list, please just reply this mail and send it back.
      .... (snip)
  3. Then reply to this confirmation message.
      confirm 200307051152491623443234188 Yutaka Yasuda
      It is okay if message body includes above "confirm" line. You don't
      have to remove another lines.
  4. You receive following "welcome" message soon.
      Subject:  Welcome to our (coba-e ML)
      Welcome to our mailing list <> !
      This mail contains the fundamental usage of the mailing list server.
      1   How to use this server
       .... (snip)
How to unsubscribe.
  1. Send an unsubscribe request message.
      Subject: (no need)
  2. You receive a notify message that mean the process completion.
      Subject:  Welcome to our (coba-e ML)
      >>> unsubscribe
      set UNSUBSCRIBE => BYE
      BYE []  accepted.
 , Be Seeing You!    
More functions...
As same as the subscription procedure, you can send a message which has "guide" or "help" word in the body to address, you get a manual or some document about this mailinglist features.