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Date:  Mon, 9 Feb 2004 01:37:53 +0900
From:  Yutaka Yasuda <yasuda (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-o:00364] Re: [Installer] Release alpha version
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Shibuya-san and all,

I placed a link to the new Blue Quartz instal kit on the web.

On the top page of the site also has the link and announcement

Unfortuntely, I cannot download the software. Maybe ftp service is 
not available now for too many download requests at once. Okay,
I don't mind it, it is not a problem for me to wait the timing.

Anyway thanks Shibuya-san!

> Hi guys,
> I release alpha version of Blue Quartz installer which is based on open
> sourced RaQ550 code.
> You can get on
> There are some problems, because there is not enough for QA testing.
> If you find a problem, please send a mail to mailing list before we
> prepare bug tracking system.
> How to install.
> - Install Red Hat Linux 9
>   - You have to make home partition.
> - Get BlueQuartz-5100R-20040208.tar.gz and check md5sum with
> BlueQuartz-5100R-20040208.md5sum
> - Unarchive tar.gz and exec
> - Access http://FQDN/login with admin/admin
> Known Issues.
> - Sitestats does not work
>   - We have to install analog.
> - We have to replace "Sun", "Cobalt" and "RaQ550" strings.
> Please enjoy
> shibuya (at mark)