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Date:  Mon, 19 Jan 2004 14:14:35 +0100
From:  "Devon H. O'Dell" <dodell (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-o:00302] Initial Setup of CODB?
To:  coba-o (at mark)
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Good day,

I have some good news -- the porting has gone relatively smoothly; everything 
was compiled and (almost ) everything is working properly. I'll have to take a 
look at the i18n stuff because it doesn't appear to be working properly, but 
that's not my main issue.

How does one do the initial setup/population of the CODB? Running my 
bin/cce_construct script will connect to the cce server and pass through the 
query, but all additions to the CODB are served with a permission denied 
error. Here's an example transaction:

[35891] (src/smd.c:147): client connection accepted from [20:672933416]
[35891] (codb2_glue.c:77): CODB created h(0x80f4300)
[35891] (cscp_fsm.c:234): cscp_fsm: starting context = CTXT_CLIENT
[35891] (cscp_write.c:36): << 100 CSCP/0.80
[35891] (cscp_write.c:36): << 200 READY
[35891] (cscp_fsm.c:495): CTXT_CLIENT:STATE_CMD
[35891] (cscp_fsm.c:1119): >> FIND  User name = admin
[35891] (codb_find.c:437): Finding a User:
[35891] (cscp_write.c:36): << 201 OK
[35891] (cscp_fsm.c:1119): >> FIND  System
[35891] (codb_find.c:437): Finding a System:
[35891] (cscp_write.c:36): << 201 OK
[35891] (cscp_fsm.c:1119): >> CREATE  User volume = "/home"
systemAdministrator = 1 fullName = administrator password = xxx 
stylePreference = trueBlue name = admin localePreference = browser
client 0:[20:672933416]: CREATE  User volume = "/home"systemAdministrator = 1 
fullName = administrator password = xxx stylePreference = trueBlue name = 
admin localePreference = browser
[35891] (oid.c:105): Allocated OID: 1
[35891] (security.c:319): acl rule "ruleCapable"failed
[35891] (security.c:319): acl rule "ruleCapable"failed
[35891] (security.c:319): acl rule "ruleModifyUser"failed
[35891] (cscp_write.c:36): << 304 PERMISSION DENIED CREATE
[35891] (cscp_write.c:36): << 401 FAIL
client 0:[20:672933416]: CREATE User failed (-9)
[35891] (codb2_glue.c:909): CODB flushing h(0x80f4300)
[35891] (oid.c:176): Released OID: 1
[35891] (cscp_fsm.c:1119): >> BYE

All transactions fail with a 304. Is it possible to force the daemon into 
letting me authenticate as the administrator and have automatic access rights 
to the create command? Or am I missing something that I should have done 
first? I've been looking through the (very poorly documented) source and found 
some apparent jokes by the guys at Cobalt (such as comments like /* 
COUGHhackCOUGH */), but where things fail (especially in this area), I'm left 
with more questions than answers.

I'm rather sure that there's a problem with the configuration or the code as 
opposed to my setup because copying an existing CODB structure from a fresh 
install of a RaQ550's /usr/sausalito/codb tree does no good. I can't even AUTH 
as the admin user.

I hope to hear any ideas or suggestions soon.

Kind regards,

Devon H. O'Dell