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Date:  Sun, 18 Jan 2004 15:51:03 +0100
From:  "Devon H. O'Dell" <dodell (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-o:00301] Re: Cobalt's Modified glib
To:  coba-o (at mark)
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> You can get glib which include GHashIter patch on 
> These source packages are src.rpm, if you want to other format, please 
> let me know.
> And you can get other packages which are required to port RaQ550 open 
> source.

Thanks a lot ;). I've gotten this, used rpm2cpio to get a .tar.gz of the file, 
finally found the GHashIter structure. One thing I am working on doing is 
updating packages that the 550 used, so I'm going to be implementing this in 
glib2.0. The code is rather simple, and shouldn't be a big deal to port. 
Thanks for the URL.

> I already commit some patch to CVS for porting to RHL9 and you can 
> access anonymous cvs like the following.
> $ cvs -d:pserver:anonymous (at mark) login
> (password is empty)
> $ cvs -d:pserver:anonymous (at mark) co -r 
> DEV_OpenRaQ module_name

I'm finding that a lot of my work is due to small differences between the GNU 
tools and BSD tools; these are generally fixable by sed.

> If you want to access via browser, please access
> Regards.
> shibuya (at mark)
Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Devon H. O'Dell