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Date:  Thu, 19 Aug 2010 12:30:06 +0900
From:  Hisao SHIBUYA <shibuya (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-o:02207] [Update] base-email, base-sitestats-scripts
To:  coba-o (at mark)
Message-Id:  <7AC8A3F7-E42C-4E60-8C5B-638582720DF2 (at mark)>
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i386, x86_64 $Bie(I1$Bea(I+$Bec(I*$Bec(I*$Bec(I<$Beb(I9$Bea(I($Bea(I*$Beb4e"@eaRe(B


* Fri Aug 13 2010 Hisao SHIBUYA <shibuya (at mark)> 1.5.0-0BQ28
- resolved the issue that TLS doesn't work when SMTPS is disabled.

* Sun Aug 15 2010 Hisao SHIBUYA <shibuya (at mark)> 1.1-25BQ22
- add requires tmpwatch.