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Date:  Tue, 13 Mar 2007 05:16:33 +0900
From:  "Eiji Hamano \(bluequartz\)" <bluequartz (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:09107] module "iptables" and  ftp command "NLST -alL"
To:  <coba-e (at mark)>
Message-Id:  <06de01c764e3$54f47850$0201a8c0@thinkpad>
X-Mail-Count: 09107

I just begin to use bluequartz.
This is my first issue to coba-e.
Would someone advice me followings ?

1)  There is no module "iptables" on bluequartz.
     I need "iptables"  for port  587 support.  Can I get it ?

2)  The ftp command "NLST -alL" cause error at bluequartz
     "LIST  -aL" looks good.
     However our many ftp client softwares still use "NLST -alL" as default.
     Can I  modify ftpd of bluequartz ?
Eiji Hamano