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Date:  Mon, 11 Dec 2006 22:39:14 -0600
From:  "William J.A. Brillinger" <billy (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:08164] Re: Help with BlueQuartz server
To:  coba-e (at mark), charlier (at mark)
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Yes, but make sure you are in /home/sites/www.sitename.tld/web/ and not in /home/sites/www.sitename.tld/users/username/web/- BillAt 10:15 PM 12/11/2006, you wrote:>I went ahead and reinstalled the whole OS again >to start from scratch. I have only created ONE >virtual site. Before I FTP my site from >Frontpage to the new box, should I  go in to the >site directory on the CentOS box and delete the >existing .html file (which I guess will be the $BEQ(Blaceholder’)?>>>---------->From: William J.A. Brillinger [mailto:billy (at mark)]>Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 10:35 PM>To: coba-e (at mark); charlier (at mark)>Subject: [coba-e:08161] Re: Help with BlueQuartz server>>You'll need to delete the index.html file. >(index.html is loaded before index.htm)>>Cheers,>- Bill>>At 08:47 PM 12/11/2006, you wrote:>>I installed the CentOS/BlueQuartz CD that I >downloaded from I have the server >running, and have TRIED to set up a website >using FrontPage. I have been running the site >successfully on an XP box running IIS. I FTP$BCE(B >the whole site from FrontPage using my admin >login password, but when I (locally) go to the >server IP, I get a Welcome Page that says it is >a place holder for the site. I know that I sent >over the index.htm file as well. I know I sound >totally ignorant, but …..well, I am.>>What am I doing wrong?>>Charlie>>>>--------------------------------->William J.A. Brillinger Precision Design Co.>>E-Mail:   mailto:billy (at mark)>Web site:>Phone:    (204) 327-5524---------------------------------William J.A. BrillingerPrecision Design Co.E-Mail:   mailto:billy (at mark) pdcweb.netWeb site: http://www.pdcweb.netPhone:    (204) 327-5524

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