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Date:  Thu, 7 Dec 2006 15:50:18 -0600
From:  "Bill Berg" <billberg (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:08130] CGI scripts can't send mail
To:  <coba-e (at mark)>
Message-Id:  <200612072150.kB7Lo5Dq016150 (at mark)>
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We recently coverted a Rqa550 to Centos/BQ.
Our CGI scripts aren't allowed to send mail. 
The scripts have correct permissions, although when you click "Submit" you
get the standard misconfiguration error. A closer inspection shows this
in the httpd/error_log:  malformed header from script

But the script does what it is supposed to do, up to the sending mail part,
it even tries to send the mail, we get this in the maillog:
Data format error, and it will not send the message. 
The mail is being sent from whoever@localhost,

Is there someplace to set the mail sender so that it goes through. This has
failed on Mattt Wright's, and on a custom script we made with

Bill Berg
Northern Webworks
715-627-0400 or 1-866-572-1333

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