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Hi Colin,

Many Thanks for that explanation.

I did indeed yum one of the servers on the testing repo because of 
another problem. I installed the BQ myself, and had forgotten that.

That explains it, and I am most grateful. Look forward to the 
expanded version being released.

Rgds and Thanks again.


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Hi Keith,

If you go to installed software under BlueLinq you will see that you
have two different versions of the BQ GUI running. The 'expanded'
version with AuthSMTP was part of the testing repo (soon to be
released) ... and is more recent than the 'shorter' version.

Did you install the OS yourself or did you buy a server with it
preinstalled - Solarspeed for example ship their kit with the newer


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> Hi Blues,
> Anyone got this problem.
> Two identical boxes, both running Kernel Version  	2.6.9-42.0.2.EL,
> both showing CentOS release 4.4 (Final).
> The first one, on network services, e-mail, shows full menu: 
> Enable SMTP, Enable SMTPS Server, Enable SMTP Auth etc, 
> Second one, on network services, e-mail,  shows  much smaller
> menu:
> Enable SMTP server, Enable IMAP server, Enable POP3 server.
> Same software on each. Both fully yummed.
> All suggestions welcome as to why this disparity ?
> Rgds.
> Keith Reynolds