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Date:  Thu, 17 Dec 2009 10:32:12 +0000
From:  Steve Howes <steve-lists (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:16225] Re: dovecot: Fatal: Time just moved backwards by 6 seconds.
To:  coba-e (at mark)
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On 17 Dec 2009, at 10:26, howie wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 09:29:40 +0000, Steve Howes wrote
>> On 17 Dec 2009, at 07:30, Howie Dines wrote:
>>> The wiki page does mention that it could be down to running the
>>> server as a
>>> Virtual Machine. Indeed I'm running it on VMWare Server
>>> (VMware-server-2.0.2-203138) Has anyone else had this issue and if
>>> so is
>>> there a simple fix.
>> Do you have vmware tools installed?
> yes

Do you have NTP at the same time? Try stopping ntpd.. just a shot in  
the dark..