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Date:  Wed, 16 Dec 2009 13:13:29 -0500
From:  Ray Kolbe <ray (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:16220] Re: Proposed SSL Update (ssl_perl.conf)
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I just installed the updates last night and everything is working fine 
(user creation, email, etc). Should I contact Hisao and send him the patch?


On 12/16/2009 1:06 PM, Darrell D. Mobley wrote:
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>> From: Steve Howes [mailto:steve-lists (at mark)]
>> Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 12:30 PM
>> To: coba-e (at mark)
>> Subject: [coba-e:16218] Re: Proposed SSL Update (ssl_perl.conf)
>> On 16 Dec 2009, at 17:23, Ray Kolbe wrote:
>>> Does that mean this will not get into YUM as an update, like the
>>> last large number of updates I just installed?
>> Indeed. They were probably CentOS ones.
> On the 8th, Hisao released the following packages that had been placed into
> testing in September:
>> On Sep 15, 2009, at 6:51 PM, Hisao SHIBUYA wrote:
>> Hi Blues,
>> I'm sorry for long time no updates.
>> I put many update packages on testing repository.
>> This update has the following topics.
>> - Back to pwdb for user storage.
>> - All packages are signed.
>> - Add da_DK and de_DE locale.
>> - Use cracklib to check password.
>>   The original cracklib code for use account was implemented by Michael.
>>   I added the codes to use cracklib for admin account.
>>   Admin account has to be secure than user account, but it wasn't
>>   implemented.
>> - Add base-phpinfo module by Michael.
>> - Fixed all japanese message of base-user were corrupted that
>>    the cracklib commit broken it.
> I saw users having password problems, makes me glad I got off BQ when I did.