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Date:  Wed, 9 Sep 2009 16:11:05 +0200
From:  Michael Stauber <bq (at mark)>
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Hi Steffan,

> If you dont wnat to
> Then i dont even have to try it

For individuals it may be fine. But for me as developer their license terms 
mean: I have to tell them about any code changes I make to their software and 
have to grant them full rights on these changes so that they can use it as 
they see fit. 

Inclusion of non-GPL or non-BSD licensed software in a BSD and/or GPL licensed 
distribution is always a hassle, as you have to be really careful to correctly 
mention which license applies to which part of the software and who the 
original owners of the code are and which exceptions or usage rights they 
grant based on their license. That's a bit of extra hassles that I'd like to 
do without if possible.

With best regards,

Michael Stauber