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Date:  Wed, 15 Dec 2004 19:18:17 +0900
From:  Yutaka Yasuda <yasuda (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:01689] Re: bwmgmt missing?
To:  coba-e (at mark)
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Hi Patrick,

At first, there is a technical reason why bandwidth management
software is not included in current BlueQuartz 5100R release.
It is depending on kernel 2.4 series, not for 2.6.
Currently, we use FC1, so it is okay but I think it is not 
so good to continue to use kernel 2.4. 

I think it is better to port this software as 2.6 ready but we 
(current BlueQuartz team) have no human resource to do that...

And the next, more delicate issue.. (It is difficult to explain
in my limited English... Wmmmm...)
I guess bandwidth management technology is the patent of Cobalt.
I don't know the detail of the patent. I just heard it as a 
news a few years ago. So the source code itself is opened but
the patent issue is not solved completely.

And the last question. Turbolinux has their own CVS, see;

There are a lot of code frangents but you can find base-alpine, 
base-am... and some modules in it. Please check it. 
I am not sure they release their software as SRPM style or not.

I hope it does make sense for you.


> Hi Blues,
> bwmgmt is released with raq550_OSS_v1.0.
> Why it is missing?
> Yutaka, it is possible to get a copy for Turbolinux?
> I know there is a src rpm somewhere.
> Thanks
> Cheers
> Patrick