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Date:  Tue, 14 Dec 2004 15:11:23 -0000
From:  "Leigh Blackwell" <leigh (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:01678] Stable?
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Hi All,

It's got to the point that my cobalt lx50 based on FC1 and BQ is up and
running without any issues and I have started to use it for hosting
customer's sites. I see strings on here with ppl having issues with fresh
installations; fortunately I didn't really have any of these as I stuck to
the reference kit (not saying that other didn't :) 

I have done some work to try and make this machine a suitable replacement
for my leased xtr. Unfortunately I haven't taken notes on all the issues
that I have come across but I thought it would be good idea to cover a
couple of points, and see if I indeed have a stable machine in the eyes of
others on the list.

Logrotate fixed
Ssl_perl reference to port removed (restricted you to a single ssl site per

Removed cgi-bin directory and replaced it with /  in httpd.conf 
	Allowing cgi's to be executed in anywhere in the site (like the
raq), 	I havent clarified if the site settings for CGI is working

Ssl cgi (very bad hack) Added.. to the vhost file of site"**" to enable cgi
on ssl
	AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
	<Directory "/home/.sites/48/site**/web/">
    	AllowOverride None
    	Order allow,deny
    	Allow from all
    	Options +ExecCGI
    	SSLOptions +StdEnvVars

Changed httpd.conf
DirectoryIndex index.cgi index.wml index.html index.htm

In addition to the above fixes and mods, I have installed a couple of extra

Mysql 4.1.7
Php-mysql on admserv
Modified version of perl DBD-mysql 2.1028 (to over come connection timeout
issues with php and permit a v4 mysql)
Mailwatch (v. good tool when integrated in gui)
Pkg, openwebmail
Pkg, dev-tools

I think my main worry is with apache and the small differences between v1*
and v2 which I believe are causing the ssl and cgi issues. 

I have seen talk of db versions 3 and 4 in relation to passwords etc, but
this is out of my depth and I am uncertain to whether this affects me, if
someone could advise???

I haven't used any of the ruby project as I assumed that was for redhat9

I really hope I have covered all the main fixes/mods (I'm not importing any
sites so I have left those issues out). Has anyone any suggestions on ones
that I should have in place? 

Hopefully we can see if we can get a definitive list for the next release.