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Date:  Mon, 6 Dec 2004 14:50:32 +0100
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Subject:  [coba-e:01638] Re: Migrating from RAQ3 to BlueQuartz?
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Hello Howard,

CMU only exports Users, Vsites, sites and Mail data and passwords. It
doesn't exports anything else. If you want to transfer the DNS files
You have to do it manually following the steps on Neuhaus Internet
(the writer of

You may want to check the versions of bind... because I really have
No idea if you can use the files directly from the raq3....

You will also see from the restore steps, that after copying the files
You will have to issue a script so that the imported records will be
Visible in the UI.



extract the dns-records and copy the extract to /etc/named. 


to import the records to your RaQ.





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I'm looking into migrating a customer of ours from an aging RAQ3 to a
BlueQuartz-based 'RAQ550'. I've used and CMU to export the
contents of the old server, and tried doing a restore on the new server
using cmuImport. It doesn't appear to recreate /etc/passwd, or anything like
it, or untar any of the tar files for user-content. The admin UI seems to be
happy that users exist though, and mail gets delivered and is collectable
over POP3. DNS records don't appear to have been migrated at all, and moving
the /etc/namedb files manually doesn't help as they still don't appear in
the UI.

Is this normal/expected? Am I misunderstanding what BQ and/or CMU will do
for me?

Also, is it safe to use apt or yum to do OS updates on this system? It
appears that the BQ stuff is pretty seperate from most of the rest of the
OS - is that so?

Thanks in advance for any light you might shed...

Best Regards,