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Date:  Sun, 5 Dec 2004 12:36:43 -0800
From:  Mark Engelhardt <marke (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:01633] IMAP on BlueQuartz... is anyone using IMAP
To:  coba-e (at mark)
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I am setting up a Red-Hat 9 Blue Quartz with Ruby on top of it, And the 
imap that is installed does not seem to see the ~/mbox as an in box 
like it does on a raq500 ...

  on my 550

  there is symbolic link from mbox to saved-messages...
  mbox -> /home/.sites/50/site125/.users/44/mark1/mail/saved-messages

  my imap client sees this as the inbox and all is well with the world.

  on BQ:

  I create the same link, and the mbox appears as just another folder, 
and does not act as the inbox.

  the RPM imap package on BQ is   imap-2001a-18BQ1


   1) Does anyone else see this behavior? (my imap client is on 
os x)

   2) How can I make bluequartz act like the raq550  ie... seamlessly 
use webmail, POP3 and IMAP

   3) Where is the source for imap-2001a-18BQ1 ? Who is responsible for 
that package?

Any help would be appreciated on this.