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Date:  Wed, 18 Feb 2009 10:16:19 +0000
From:  Linux-Gnome <linux-gnome (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:15104] Re: Forwarding mail between 2 BlueQuarts (RAQ3)
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Many thanks for the pointer, I changed the forwarding on the internal 
box's admin account (to a users account on the external box), then on 
the internal box I sent a test message to admin (at mark) localhost.localdomain, 
this was received by the external box and correctly drooped into the 
users mailbox.

Is there any way to add an alias to the admin account so that I could 
send to that.  I tried adding a line to the virtusertable file but that 
did not work :-(



Greg Kuhnert wrote:
> Forwarding from your internal box works fine. The problem is that your 
> external box is not matching correctly. Have a look at your 
> virtusertable.... If its like mine, it will have something like
> admin (at mark) localhost.localdomain     admin
> In other words, the admin account on my box is locally significant.... 
> When you have a catchall address, this matches before the "admin" user.
> There are a few ways to fix this... One easy way to test this theory is 
> to try forwarding to another user account on the box.... If it is 
> delivered correctly, you could have another forward file for this user 
> to send to "admin" or "admin (at mark) localhost.localdomain"
> Hope that helps
> Best Regards,
> Greg Kuhnert.
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