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Date:  Sat, 27 Dec 2008 21:45:37 -0600
From:  Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet <cobaltfacts (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:14569] Re: PHP4.4.9
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Darrell D. Mobley wrote:
> I think the issue, at least for some of my clients that still run old
> scripts that might not be PHP5 compliant, is that they just don't want to
> spend the money to upgrade.  So be it.  They need to upgrade or go offline.
> I was more or less wondering if BQ would be facing any issues as we move
> beyond PHP4 EOL into the future...

Sites hosted on a BlueQuartz system that upgrades to PHP5.X will face 
the same issues as any other system as far as the hosted sites go. 
Sites with non-compliant scripts will need some sort of attention.   A 
couple things you can do:
1) Give your customers a firm cut-off date after which you won't be 
supporting PHP4 anymore and make clear your level of support for 
ensuring their sites are compatible (if you are providing any)
2) Run PHP4 and PHP5 concurrently, making PHP5 default, leaving PHP4 for 
the stragglers.

What we have done w/ our customers is give them a hard & fast date that 
PHP4 would be discontinued and then stuck with that date.  For some 
customers we charged a small fee to go through their sites and make sure 
they would run beforehand.  Others we did after the fact.  We did lose a 
few customers who just did not want to understand that the website they 
paid $500 for in 2002 would no longer run correctly, if at all. 
Honestly, those are the customers we're all better off without!  ;)

Now, in terms of BQ itself... the BQ implementation of Sausalito (cced) 
will run on a PHP4 set aside from the vhosts.  There has been some talk 
about moving cced to PHP5, but I'm not sure if that will wind up 
happening or not.  In any event, for BQ installations, I would not fret 
about that very much, since that will only apply to the BQ interface and 
not to any of the hosted sites.

For the very adventurous, it is my understanding that migrating BQ's 
backend to PHP5 is technically possible.   But that may well be more 
than anybody is willing to tackle for the relatively small payoff.  I 
believe it would take (a) a fine-grained understanding of Sausalito's 
underpinnings and (b) quite a bit of patience.   I certainly wouldn't 
recommend experimenting on a production server!

Cpanel.... my condolences.  :)  (couldn't resist!)

Chris Gebhardt
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