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Date:  Sat, 05 Apr 2008 08:37:36 +1100
From:  Greg Kuhnert <greg.kuhnert (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:12474] Re: Pointing Virtual Sites
To:  Arthur Sherman <arturs (at mark)>
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> Thanks, your 0.02 GBP taken too. :)
> I will talk to both GoDaddy and ISP in order to set them as backup NS.
We have gotta be able to do something better than that! What'd be really 
cool is an admin access-level that allows someone to setup seccondary 
DNS on a BQ box, and do nothing else.

For example. We've got a really good bunch of people here. Arthur has 
been around for a while, and I trust him. "lets do a reciprocal swap" 
for secondary DNS..... but I dont have enough time to do the config each 
time he adds a new domain....

So why not give him enough admin access to just do secondary dns?.....

Or better still, two BQ servers talking to each other in a trust 
relationship - with the ability when you create  a primary dns to just 
"tick" the secondary DNS server from a list of options. The BQ interface 
then makes it all happen automagically! That'd be way cool.

Just a few more ideas.... (but these ones are worth more than a few cents!)