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Date:  Wed, 02 Apr 2008 11:40:15 +0100
From:  Dogsbody <dan (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:12409] Re: Pointing Virtual Sites
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>> I prefer to make it manually than delegate it to some one else. :)
> It is manual if you use GoDaddy. I'm moving some of my DNS over to them as
> one advantage is having DNS on another network. If there is a problem with
> my server or my host's network, my DNS doesn't disappear.

Dan is absolutely right that you should serve your DNS from a separate 
location than your server so if your server goes down your DNS is 
still live.  This is essential for your running an MX backup otherwise 
you have a backup mailserver but know one knows were it is because 
your DNS is down.

However, there is still no problem at all with using BQ as the primary 
DNS server.  While I run all my own servers and pay an ISP to host 
them I also buy MX backup and Secondary DNS from another ISP, it's 
dirt cheap 20 per year and some server ISPs I've seen even offer 
offsite secondary DNS as part of the hosting fee.

Just my 0.02 GBP