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Date:  Sun, 28 Oct 2007 15:31:51 +0200
From:  Arthur Sherman <arturs (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:10995] Re: AW:  Re: Progress Development Bluequartz
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> Paul Aviles wrote:
> > Michael, I am not saying you are bad, heck no.
> >
> > I am only stating something that has happened in the past. 
> It is just history and common sense. Take any of the projects 
> that have started as Open Source and spin out to commercial 
> and you have seen a great deal of the community leaving.  
> Take Sugar, Compiere and Open Bravo as two perfect examples. 
> Once they announced that they were separating the projects 
> into free and paid they lost their momentum. Compiere forked 
> into OB and Adempiere now and Sugar has forked so many times 
> it can be considered now a spoon. 
> >
> > The big difference at least there is that they are managed 
> under one company umbrella. With BQ that never happened, so 
> we now have different people doing different things. Once 
> again, I am not putting the finger nor blaming anyone. 
> >
> > Now, I am not the voice for BQ at all. However as a 
> community having someone with vested personal interest does 
> complicate things for the "community", that's all. 
> >
> > Besides the obvious differences, are you and others going 
> to include the roadmap for your own products into BQ? If not, 
> then there is nothing wrong with that, but then lets called 
> it a fork lets all be happy. Then we can I guess agree to 
> some common grounds and move forward.
> >
> > Don't make more of my comments because there is nothing else behind.
> >
> > Paul
> >
> >   
> >
> Paul,
> I have been dealing with BQ since it migrated from the 
> Raq550. Many contributories on this list have had their own 
> agenda as how to handle this as an open source project, but 
> as a group this has always stayed strong to-gater! I feel 
> that people like Michael or Brian should be looked at as, ... 
>  contributers.... then "gainers".... from this 
> project....lets take a second to look at what they have 
> contributed to this project with out 2 canadian cents
> ---\
> Best Regards,
> Jon McCauley

I hardly see how we could spare Michael's, Brian's and other "commercial"
guys help, no way.

Another thing: I predict that BQ will become one day commercial, while
maintaining free open-source core. :)

So, I don't see any problem, while It is agreed that code will be released
for free.

Seems usual stuff, isn't it?