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Date:  Sun, 28 Oct 2007 09:04:22 -0400
From:  Abdul-Rashid Abdullah <webmaster (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:10993] Re: AW:  Re: Progress Development Bluequartz
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Like many, I have been using Cobalt since the RaQ4 days.  I know some who
have been using it before then.  I remember the days when a quick call to
someone in the Bay Area quickly resolved an issue.  Then we had to begin to
pay for that support.  Then that support went entirely away.  Then all of a
sudden, BQ sprung up and the ones leading the charge and gave life to it
were people like Brian and Michael.  I have personally done business with
these folk on occasion.

I have even done business with Paul who was very helpful in solving an issue
in which I needed to port an old version of Real Server over due to kernel
and library compatibility issues.

I would like to say that too believe they are more contributors than
gainers.  If it was so commercial, then why was Brian so willing not so long
ago to walk away from it all?  Why did he come back?  I believe his
motivations on that part were more for the love of the project than
anything.  That is my estimate and my vote for the support of those that
might have a commercial interest.

Perhaps look at it from this point of view, if they have a commercial
interest, then they definitely have an interest in ensuring that the open
source base product is successful which means it is open.

There are a lot of improvements that need to be made.  From adding a more
functional mailing list application to adding a better way of allowing users
more control over their own site such as creating MySQL databases.  I have
looked many times about going else where but the sheer cost keeps me coming
back.  The system is reliable and simple (except for the PAM) but there are
things that need to be done.

 I am not a developer, but I am sure a user that can give feedback.  Even
then, if there is a mundane job that can be done, I have enough "developer"
knowledge that I can assist given enough direction.

Please, let's get the team formed and move on.

-Rashid Abdullah

On 10/28/07 12:16 AM, "Jon McCauley" <jmccauley (at mark)> wrote:

> Paul Aviles wrote:
>> Michael, I am not saying you are bad, heck no.
>> I am only stating something that has happened in the past. It is just history
>> and common sense. Take any of the projects that have started as Open Source
>> and spin out to commercial and you have seen a great deal of the community
>> leaving.  Take Sugar, Compiere and Open Bravo as two perfect examples. Once
>> they announced that they were separating the projects into free and paid they
>> lost their momentum. Compiere forked into OB and Adempiere now and Sugar has
>> forked so many times it can be considered now a spoon.
>> The big difference at least there is that they are managed under one company
>> umbrella. With BQ that never happened, so we now have different people doing
>> different things. Once again, I am not putting the finger nor blaming anyone.
>> Now, I am not the voice for BQ at all. However as a community having someone
>> with vested personal interest does complicate things for the "community",
>> thatıs all. 
>> Besides the obvious differences, are you and others going to include the
>> roadmap for your own products into BQ? If not, then there is nothing wrong
>> with that, but then lets called it a fork lets all be happy. Then we can I
>> guess agree to some common grounds and move forward.
>> Don't make more of my comments because there is nothing else behind.
>> Paul
> Paul,
> I have been dealing with BQ since it migrated from the Raq550. Many
> contributories on this list have had their own agenda as how to handle
> this as an open source project, but as a group this has always stayed
> strong to-gater! I feel that people like Michael or Brian should be
> looked at as, ...  contributers.... then "gainers".... from this
> project....lets take a second to look at what they have contributed to
> this project with out 2 canadian cents
> ---\
> Best Regards,
> Jon McCauley