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Date:  Wed, 24 Oct 2007 11:07:51 -0400
From:  Kevin Bonner <keb (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:10952] Re: Can't enable frontpage
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On Tuesday 23 October 2007 16:37:36 Hugh Messenger wrote:> We recently had to restore one of our BQ boxes from backup.>> I'm trying to re-enable the Frontpage Extensions on one of the domains, b=ut> I keep getting the ...>> "A FrontPage web could not be created for this site. FrontPage may not be> enabled if the existing web site contains files that conflict with> FrontPage webs, such as .htaccess files.">> ... error message.  I've zapped all .htaccess and _vti* files and folders,> no luck.>> Any ideas?>>    -- hughTry an FP extension install from the CLI:/usr/local/frontpage/version5.0/bin/owsadm.exe -o install -t apache-2.0 -u= webmaster -p 80 -m -s /etc/httpd/conf/vhosts/siteX -xu nobody -xq siteXAlso run a find on that web directory hunting for any _vti folders/files th=at may be hiding in sub-directories.-Kevin
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