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Date:  Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:50:13 -0500
From:  "Gerald Waugh" <gwaugh (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:10935] Re: DNS Question
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Gregg wrote
> Is there a way to pull all zones form a primary dns server to 
> a secondary 
> dns server?
> I have a few BQs running, and one of them I'm using as 
> primary, and another 
> as secondary, but I'm having to manually add the domain names to the 
> secondary each time I add a new domain to the primary, so my 
> question is, 
> can the secondary just pull all the domain information from 
> the primary? If 
> BQ can't do that, will a windows server be able to pull all 
> the information 
> from a primary?

You may be able to use rsync to sync the bind directories between
primary and secondary.
   Which by the way, should be 'master' and 'slave'

The concept between master and slave is that they operate
So it may take a little work to 'manually' add to the secondary.

BTW if you find a solution, send it to the list.

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