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Date:  Fri, 8 Jun 2007 13:21:17 +0300
From:  "Biju" <biju (at mark)>
Subject:  [coba-e:10024] Re: NuOnce Networks, Inc is for sale
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Hi, Brian,

Sad to here this .
I am a fan of your products.  It was very sad when there was a gap  after
you release your CD version 4.6

I wish you all the best for your new biginning.

Hope you will be back soon.

Thanks & Regards,

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From: Brian N. Smith [mailto:brian (at mark)] 
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Subject: [coba-e:10011] Re: NuOnce Networks, Inc is for sale

> Brian! What happened? :-(

Nothing bad.  Life is good.  Married, trying to have a baby, and I just work
too damn much :)  Looking to start enjoying my life (again).

I haven't been around much anywhere ... kind of fallen to the waste side,
had personal issues, blah blah blah.

You know, the normal "mid-mid life" issues (mid-mid, I am 28).