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From: Richard K. Knapp

Problems with Open webmail  2.51 on BQ 1.20060401

Having some trouble with vacation messages dealing with BQ and Open webmail. 
I also had a customer that claims he turned on the vacation message in open 
webmail and people got the auto response but any mail he received during 
that time was not in his mailbox when  he got back. Unfortunately I cannot 
reproduce this. Below are some of the steps I took to try to reproduce it to 
no avail. Just wondering if anybody has any kind of insight on what might of 
happened. One thing that bothers me is the #VACATION START #VACATION END 
tags that wind up in the .forward file.

The problem of losing email when a vacation message is enabled is pretty 

Someone on the list had a solution    which is (one line):
perl -p -i -e 's/next if \( \$name/next if \( \$name=~\/\^#\/ \);\nnext if 
\( \$name/g' 

Also, for the spellcheck to work:

perl -p -i -e 's/spellcheck/\nspellcheck/g' 

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