OSC2006 exhibition

The 17th and the 18th of March 2006, We have exhibited to Open Source Conference 2006 Tokyo/Spring to appeal our activeities. (see 2005 exhibition.)


Exposition "Side by Side"

We displayed BlueQuartz5100R and RaQ550 software installed RaQ4. 5100R is based on NuOnce iso image.

Exposition staff

Session : "The future horizon of BlueQuartz"

18th Sat. March. 13:30-14:45
Mr. Hisao Shibuya
Sun Cobalt Qune and Raq was recognized as an appliance server has well polished GUI. It had been released as Open Source Software and BlurQuartz is based on it. BlueQuartz was improved to move the base to CentOS.
In this session, the main programmer of the software shows the current status of the project. The detail topics are;
  1. Future release of 5100R and the specs plan of 5200R as the next version.
  2. BlueQuartz diffusion in foreign countires and the current status of the development collaboration with Japan and the others.