OSC2005 exhibition

From the top; our black suited attendants, articles on display, hall view. Our booth is leftmost table.

The 25th and the 26th of March 2005, We have exhibited to Open Source Conference 2005 to appeal our activeities. We also did surveillance about the publicity of our BlueQuartz, same as the last year's KOF2004 exhibition.
(The result of this surveillance will be reported in Japanese only. It is most welcome someone who can help translating.)
a21.jpg On the day, we release the new version of BlueQuartz 5100R which is based on CentOS 4. And more, we added PowerPC to our supported paltform not only x86.
You can see our developer who are working busily to port BlueQuartz.
a23.jpg a10.jpg We also borrowed z800 server through the courtesy of IBM. Thanks.
At that time, we could not support z architechture but I hope BlueQuartz will be porting on z Series someday... just my hope...