Kansai Opensource 2007 / Roll up communities to Kansai exhibition

Demonstration of Strongbolt

The 10th of November 2007, We have exhibited to Kansai Opensource 2007 / Roll up communities to Kansai to expose of BlueQuartz project.
Finaly, it is the 5th exhibition to this event. (See our 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 report too.)

Enjoy our photo report.

  We have demonstrated Strongbolt which is the system that makes enable to run CentOS + BlueQuartz software on the original Cobalt hardware. This time, we used Qube3 at the booth.
  Staffs answered many questions from visitors like this.
This year we have asked about the Cobalt or Server-Appliance term or idea from many visitors.
One of role of us, Cobalt Users Group is taking over the function of Cobalt company. So I think the promotion of these idea or term is also our role now.
  Evertime, we made arrangements the booth appearance for better presentation and This year, we handed out leaflets with folders which has BlueQuartz logo and URL printed by two distributiono staff. And more, the demonstrationo hardware is so small (it's Qube3!), so then we are displaing slide show with big LCD.
 See you next exhibition! Somewhere on the planet, or on the Net.