Kansai Opensource 2006 / Roll up communities to Kansai exhibition

Demonstration of Strongbolt

The 18th of November 2006, We have exhibited to Kansai Opensource 2006 / Roll up communities to Kansai to expose of BlueQuartz project.
In these years, we also exhibited this event. This is the 4rd times. (See our 2003, 2004, 2005 report too.)

Enjoy our photo report.

  We displayed BlueQuartz of Strongbolt which is the system that makes enable to run CentOS + BlueQuartz software on the original Cobalt hardware. You can see the RaQ4 hardware under the display.
  We have also distributed a leaflet with special BlueQuartz named folder and giveaways. We totally distributed 300 Sun's rubber figure and 500 folders in one day.
  I presented the current status of our project.
   Exhibition hall.
   Making the booth and the result of it. Thanks for our staff.
   Distribution staff. Without their help, we could not distribute 500 leaflets so such limited hours. I say appreciate to you.
Their highly impressive costume had been also customized by green stripe. It is also the symbol color of Cobalt/BlueQuartz.
 See you next exhibition! Somewhere on the planet, or on the Net.