Kansai Opensource 2005 / Roll up communities to Kansai exhibition

Demonstration of BlueQuatz 5100R

The 29th of October 2005, We have exhibited to Kansai Opensource 2005 / Roll up communities to Kansai to expose of BlueQuartz project.
In these years, we also exhibited this event. This is the 3rd times. (See our 2003 and 2004 report too.)

Enjoy our photo report.

  We displayed BlueQuartz of NuOnce distribution version. It was driven by MicroPC, blue small box on the table.
And the white illustrated panel is the original sketch of Cobalt Microserver (1997, see Startup Story of Cobalt).
  We have also hosted the quiz. A man who passed it got a BlueQuartz pen.
We hope many attendees enjoyed it. Or is it too difficult?
  I presented the current status of our project.
Of course, the ball pens were also distributed here too, for winners of our traditional paper-rock-scissors game.
We know geeks always loves giveaways.
   This event has a lot of sessions and boothes. It is a proud of us that we have joined these impressive event. We appriciated to the host of the event.
 See you next exhibition! Somewhere on the planet, or on the Net.