Kansai Opensource 2004 / Roll up communities to Kansai exhibition

Demonstration of BlueQuatz 5100R

The server machine (left) and the client PC display (middle)

The 22th and the 23rd of October 2004, We have exhibited to Kansai Opensource 2004 / Roll up communities to Kansai to appeal of BlueQuartz project.
The last year, we also exhibited Kansai Opensource + Freeware 2003. (See our 2003 report too.)

Enjoy our photo report.

a08.jpg a10.jpg The demonstration of Blue Quartz Hosting Edition on MicroPC EES-3610 which is developed by Hightech Inc. of Japan.
It is fan-less system with 2.5inch HD. The color and size is just suit for Open Source Cobalt system. Looks like a special made hardware but it is not, it is just a generic PC/AT compatible architechture machine.
a03.jpg a11.jpg The demonstration of the client UI screen image. People could touch and feel it directly.
a04.jpg a09.jpg a12.jpg The booth and the hall.

We have done the sampling check about the publicity of our BlueQuartz. It was the main theme of this exhibition. The result of it will be reported soon.

Anyway, our investigators always standing at the front of the booth with the interview sheet. They catched some to ask next and next.
"Excuse me sir, please let me know how would you care about your server? BlueQuartz? or telnet/vi?"

We always make some special giveaways for these event. Our investigators are not only asking but also passing candies with 'BlueQuartz' printed mediacal bag after inquiries.
(At least in Japan, the clinic prescribes medicines then pass it to patient with tailored paper bag. So we simulated this manner.)
a13.jpg a15.jpg a27.jpg
a17.jpg a18.jpg a22.jpg Yasuda's stage presentation about the recent activities and the current status of our group.
This time, I emphasized the intellectual property problem. And all audiences got special medicine bags which includes candies.

We registered the mark and the logo of BlueQuartz as our trademark. For open source software community, it is not so important issue but it is different for business person. There are some Cobalt clone business companies in Japan. For safe to use the term "BlueQuartz", the registration is essential.
a23.jpg a24.jpg a19.jpg
a07.jpg A memorial photo with Bruno G. Albuquerque (right) yellowTAB, he is a senior development engineer of Zeta OS, former BeOS. The left guy is Jorge. He was helped Bruno in translation to Japanese.
a31.jpg See you next exhibition! Somewhere on the planet, or on the Net.