BlueQuartz Conference 2006/Summer in Nagano

We held BlueQuartz Conference from the 28st to 29th August of 2006, in Nagano, Japan. It was the 3rd BlueQuartz Conference and was also the 6th conference about Cobalt. See past our conferences; 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

From chief of organizer

It was the 3rd BlueQuartz conference of us. And is was also the first foreigner guest attended conference. I cannot tell you how relieved I am, finished the 2nd BlueQuartz Conference successfully.
The last year conference, I felt we were re-validating the original Cobalt spirit, "what is server appliance?". Then this year, we were thinking about "for the next server appliance era, what we need?".
Cobalt had been built up their own system and service model in 1998 or around and they were standing down from the market around 2003. Yes, the model had been freezed in those years. But Internet service is running forward, for example people says the word "Web 2.0" or some. It shows the qualitative progress in these years. For current users, the service does not mean Web, mail and DNS directly. The valuable service is blog, Webmail, CMS or some.
This conference was the turning point to think about how we can face about these new features.
It was 6 times conference which including Cobalt Users Conference since 2001. It is also our proud that all four conferences had been origanized by voluntary members of our group. I appreciate for all guys who stood and talked in the session, who offered appliances and devices. And I appreciate for all participants again, especially Mr. Scargo, who had been joined from Netherland. Thank you very much.
Let us gather again, somewhere on the net, or somewhere on the planet.
Aigust 2006
Yutaka Yasuda. Cobalt Users Group.


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