BlueQuartz Conference 2005/Summer in Nagano

We held BlueQuartz Conference at 1st and 2nd September of 2005, in Nagano, Japan. It was the 2nd BlueQuartz Conference since last year. It was also the 5th conference about Cobalt. See past our conferences; 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

From chief of organizer

I cannot tell you how relieved I am, finished the 2nd BlueQuartz Conference successfully. In this year, there are several comanies session who develop or supply BlueQuartz/Cobalt based systems and services. They are not only sells them but also keeps the soul of the appliance. We do not just move from Cobalt to BlueQuartz that has the same user interface. We push the idea of server appliance which had been developed and introduced to public by Cobalt. So we always mind about this concept, "what is the appliance of the server?". And keep going on to the future with all developers and users of course.
It was 5 times conference which including Cobalt Users Conference since 2001. It is also our proud that all four conferences had been origanized by voluntary members of our group. I appreciate for all guys who stood and talked in the session, who offered appliances and devices. And I appreciate for all participants again.
Thank you very much. Let us gather again, somewhere on the net, or somewhere on the planet.
September 2005
Yutaka Yasuda, Cobalt Users Group.


All PDFs are written in Japanese, sorry. And Detail Program too.
Enjoy photos.
  Scene and mood of the hall.
So serious are they.
    Machines for demo.
All micorservers are, even larger than original Cobalt, of course.
   This tilte is one of established custom of us. We have showed the clear case 2700.
This show-model had been traveled around the world with Cobalt earlier staff at the year of Qube2700 was brought out. We took over it from Glenn, the Cobalt former hardware engineer in Jan. 2005.
 Usual relaxing and peaceful startup.
  Mr. Yachita introduced PoweredBLUE 333.
He developed it as the early disciple of Qube3.
   Shibuya-san talked 2 sessions, about Xen and development.
  Mr. Shiobara of Hyperbox corp. also had 2 sessions, about migration from RaQ3,4 to TLAS and PHP installation to it.
  Mr. Azuma of Kanden System Solutions.
   Mr. Matsuhashi of DAIWABOU Information system.
They also serves the restore CD and FAQ too.
   Mr. Fujisawa of IBM. Mr. Sato + Mr. Umezawa of GMO Hosting and Security.
  Mr. Oda shows about service and tools.
  Mr. Takeda said cheers for the banquet.
    Foods, foods, foods...
   As usual, we did lottery party.
 The night session for geeks was also ready. Guys discussion with real servers.
 Shibuya told about the current status and the future plan of TLAS.
  Mr. Matsuguma introduced the service of UNIADEX.
  Mr. Hoashi of Yasukawa Information systems told the situation of their cron product, BlueRack.
     After the relaxing closing, we shot group photo.
Some members had SOBA at near by the hotel.
 Whmmm.. So nice place. But I had never saw, much time.....