BlueQuartz Conference 2004/Summer in Nagano

From 2nd to 3rd of September 2004, we have hosted BlueQuartz Conference in Nagano city of Jpaan.
We have also hosted Cobalt Users Conference 3 times since 2001. This year, we concentrate to BlueQuartz. (A brief report of 2001, 2002, 2003 conferencees.)

From chief of organizer

We have finished the first BlueQuartz Conference with over 50 members. It was so hard days of this one year because we faced the EOL of Cobalt and launched the BlueQuartz from zero. And we succeeded to reincarnate of Cobalt to BlueQuartz, at least in Japan. This conference is one of the proof of it and we proud of it.
It was 4 times conference which including Cobalt Users Conference since 2001. It is also our proud that all four conferences had been origanized by voluntary members of our group. I appreciate for all guys who stood and talked in the session, who offered appliances and devices. And I appreciate for all participants again.
Thank you very much. Let us gather again, somewhere on the net, or somewhere on the planet.

September 2004
Yutaka Yasuda, Cobalt Users Group.


Enjoy photos.
 Conference room.
  The openning session. We have chatted with Daniel and Kevin. How nice!
I introduced the foreign activities too.
  Mr. Naka, from Turbolinux.
  Mr. Sato, from GMO and Mr. Sasaki, from ClassCat.
 Mr. Iemoto, from Clara online. Only 3 hours he stayed and moved to Tokyo. What a busy CEO!
 Mr. Yachita, from Mubit.
 Mr. Akai who served the chat system. Thanks. His chat server is built by BlueQuatz, of course.
  Mr. Ikeuchi, from KTT. His choise, from the next server hardware is Toshiba's MAGNIA. Very silent....
    Mr. Shibuya's Sausalito session. Mr. Oride also hacked it. Good.

paper-rock-scissors war for some giveaways. Win and get it, it is the tradition of us.
   After all sessions of the first day, engineers keep discussing all nght long.
 Mr. Matsuo, from 10-artni Inc.
 Mr. Tokuue shows a quick hack technique for Sausalito.
  Mr. Hoashi, from Yasukawa info Inc.
  Group photo then cleaning up by ourselves.
 Late lunch by SOBA noodle.