Terms dictionary
This is a terms dictionary for Cobalt developers.
It is not a detail reference, just a hint for you get a special word in some documents or source code comments. For more detail information, it is better to check another document.

The code name of RaQ 550
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

The code name of Qube3.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

CCE, Cobalt Configuration Engine
Core program for Sausalito management system.
It serves APIs for connecting a Cobalt GUI and CODB. Cobalt also defines protocols for that, CSCP is.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

CMU, Cobalt Migration Utility
(Currently, it should be called as Sun Cobalt Migration Utility, SCMU. Right? )
It is a tool to transfer user data and system configuration info between another Cobalt models such as from RaQ3 to RaQ4. It was developed by Cobalt and deliver for technical system administrator.
You can get binaries here. (Almost tools are made by perl script.)
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

CODB, Cobalt Object Database
A database system that used by Sausalito. Cobalt original. It is called from COE interface.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

CSCP, Cobalt System Configuration Protocol
The protocol to communicate with CCE.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

Tool to read and write Flash Memory of Cobalt server. You can find it on;
To read from flash memory, do following process by root user;
./flashtool -v -r > backup.rom
To write to flash memory, do following process by root user;
./flashtool -v -w 2.3.40.rom
If you fail to write or something, your Cobalt will not be able to boot ever. Be careful...
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

Generation III architechture
The name of the hardware architechture of RaQ3, RaQ4 and Qube3.
see. Generation V architechture
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

Generation V architechture
The name of the hardware architechture of RaQ XTR and RaQ 550.
see. Generation III architechture
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

The system architechture that had been developed by Cobalt. Qube3 and RaQ550 is based on it.
Mainly, the system of Cobalt is for system administration. Sausalito role model is to get info from GUI first, store it, then reflect on Linux configuration files. APIs for this task, are the entity of Sausalito.
The GUI of old models that before Sausalito, called as Turbo UI.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

SCMU, Sun Cobalt Migration Utility
see Cobalt Migration Utility, CMU.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

The codename of RaQ4.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

Turbo UI
The name of Cobalt GUI but before RaQ4 models.
It is previous system of Sausalito that is used for Qube3 and RaQ 550. The entity of Turbo UI is simple perl scripts that modify Linux configuration files directly.
RaQ XTR is hybrid of Turbo UI and Sausalito.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]

Twin Peaks
The codename of StaQware.
[ 2003.09.15 by Yutaka Yasuda ]