Published Documents
If you find some documents about open sourced Cobalt on the book or on the web. Please let us know it.

  • Cons. of management software of Coablt Qube that was open sourced.
    (Published in Japan, NIKKEI Linux, 2003 Sep. issue pp.14-17, by Makoto Oda of Cobalt Users Group)
    Mr. Oda of users group explain about the cons. and differences between Webmin.
  • Open Sourced Qube3, where comes from and where go to.
    (Published in Japan, Software Design, 2003 Sep. issue. pp.14-15, by Yutaka Yasuda of Cobalt Users Group)
    Mr. Yasuda reveared the detail about the story of open source project and show the prospect of it.
  • Project BlueQuartz, How to make a server applicance by open source Cobalt management tools.
    (Published in Japan, Software Design 2003 Dec. issue pp.4-8, by Hisao Shibuya, AlpHa FACTORY.)
    "Project BlueQuartz" name debut issue.
    It describes how to build the BlueQuartz system based on Red hat 9. It is the first release version that is came from open source Qube3 software. Mr. Shibuya is a keyperson of porting works.
  • Sun Discontinuing Cobalt Linux Servers
    (by richm, Netcraft, 19 Dec. 2003)
    Netscaft shows how big market is covered by Cobalt, actually Cobalt has 19.6% share of the active Linux Distribution.
  • Management software "BlueQuartz"
    (Published in Japan, Linux World 2004 Jan. issue pp.104, by Masahiro Itoh, Cobalt Users Group.)
    The first part of two of this issue's 2nd special, "A new standard of Linux world". It shows how manage the system using Qube3 and BlueQ Quartz. It is the best match issues for beginner after the source was opened.
  • Sun hands Cobalt an open-source lifeline
    (by Matt Loney, ZDNet UK. Jan. 2, 2004)
    ZDnet UK reports RaQ 550 source code release from our users group. And they also introduce about our activities.
  • US Sun makes Cobalt source code to an open source.
    (CNET Japan, Jan. 5, 2004)
    CNET Japan explains RaQ 550 source code release positively. They also mention about Duncan's Cobalt ROM project on SourceForge.
  • Sun's Cobalt Server Software Gets Open-Source Life
    (by Daniel Drew Turner, eWeek. Jan. 6, 2004)
    A brief reports of EOL of Cobalt and a beginning of open source activities that includes Duncan's Cobalt ROM project and our BlueQuartz project. They mentioned about the possibility of Cobalt clone business. So cool expression.
  • Cobalt RaQ550 open source prject perspective.
    (Published in Japan, Software Design, 2004 Mar. issue. pp.5-7, by Yutaka Yasuda of Cobalt Users Group)
    Mr. Yasuda interviewed with US Cobalt team and show how did it succeed and how it will works.
  • Cobalt server management system "BlueQuartz" comming up.
    part 1: It starts from Cobalt then go to BlueQuartz.
    (Published in Japn, Linux Magazine, 2004 May issue. pp.74-79, by Yutaka Yasuda of Cobalt Users Group)
    It includes the brief history of Cobalt and shows the basic idea of server applicance, the abstract of Sausalito and also describes how to add your own menu. The aritcle will be useful for people who want to start to port or develop Sausalito application.
    A CD which includes BlueQuartz installer is bundled.
    The next issue will also includes the recent BlueQuartz installation brief and the feature introduction by Mr. Shibuya of AlpHa FACTORY.
  • Cobalt server management system "BlueQuartz" comming up.
    part 2: How to make a BlueQuartz applicance server
    (Published in Japan, Linux Magazine 2004 June issune. pp.76-83, by Hisao Shibuya of AlpHa FACTORY)
    The article shows how to constract a BlueQuartz server using an installation kit which based on Fedora Core 1. Attached CD includes both of BlueQuartz installer and an iso image of Fedora Cora 1 based customized system image.
    (Published in Japan, Linux Magazine 2005 Jan. issue pp.92-93)
    Brief product introduction for NTT DoCoMo's MMQUBE3 box. It is based on TLAS (Turbolinux Appliance Server) and able to provide VALUEMAIL email service for DoCoMo's cell phones. It also will be a RAS (remote access service) point for DoCoMo's phone. 'desknet's' which is the one of popular groupware is also bundled and it is fully accessible by i-mode phone.