Logos and Marks
Here are some BlueQuartz logos and marks. Please feel free to use them for BlueQuartz related activities.
  • The 1st version. [ with "is open source Cobalt software" ]
     [ AI for Illustrator] [ PDF ] [ PNG ] [ PNG (big)]

  • The 2nd version. [ "Cobalt" free ]
     [ AI for Illustrator] [ PDF ] [ PNG ] [ PNG (big)]

  • The postal stamp version. [ for orkut ]
     [ PNG ]

  • The favicon version. [ for URL bar of your browser ]
     [ ICO ]

These marks had been registered as a trademark. We appreciates for all donations for the registration process.
Our logo and mark is designed by appleple.com. Thanks a lot!
And please, if you have some other logo or mark, don't hesitate to contact us.

Mr. Matsuo created a favicon version, thanks! (1st, Sep. 2004)