Developer's note by Users Group
We prepare the useful documents for development. But we have few English docs now. Your help would be appreciated. Let us gather and share good documets.

Our group hosted Cobalt Users Conference 2003 in Nagoya, JAPAN. Here is a part of the materials for that. It focusing on Qube3, Sausalito technology.
  • Let us make Tigers appliance. (by Watanabe)
    [PowerPoint] [PDF] (All in Japanese)
    Tigers is the name of the base ball team in Japan. So this is the guide to make a Tigers flavered appliance server by Mr. Watanabe because he is a big fan of Tigers. It is not just a joke because Sausalito naturally has a feature of flexibility and expandability. You can learn a lot of things on deep inside of the box.
  • How to Create Open Qube : Brief note to port to PC White box (by Shibuya)
    [TEXT in English] [PDF in Japanese]
    It is brief note for porting issue to RedHat based PC white box. English translation is donated by Jake MORRISON. Thanks!
  • How to use CVS to get the recent source code (by Shibuya)
    [PDF] (In Japanese)
    Our BlueQuartz recent code is published by CVS. This document tells simply how to use CVS system for beginner.
    Please check Source Code page too because it shows how to get the source code from our CVS server.