BlueQuartz 5100R Setup Wizard, Step by Step.

This document shows how to setup after you have finished the BlueQuartz installation process according to the note, "BlueQuartz 5100R Install kit howto with Fedora Core 1".

Aug,21 2004.
Yutaka Yasuda, Cobalt Users Group.

Initialy, after you installed BlueQuartz to your server, had been assigned as the IP address. Even you setted another IP address to your server before intall BlueQuartz, the IP address would be overwritten.
Then please set your PC's IP address to the one of address of network. (for example,
And please make it sure that there is no firewall or any packet filterig device between the server and the PC, because the BlueQuartz server need to use TCP port 444 for contacting with your PC.

  STEP 1.

Access to then you will see the login panel like the left.
Fill 'admin' for username and password then click 'login' button.

(The root password of the server when you installed Fedora Core RC1 is already expired and overwritten to admin/admin.)
  STEP 2.

Binary code license agreement will display, just click "Accept".
  STEP 3.

Setup the primary parameters of the server.

Fill out the hostname of the server, the password of "admin" user, prefered language of the management UI, time and timezone of the server. Then click the right arrow button.

Depending on your server hardware performance, this step may needs 30 or more seconds.
And when you change the password of "admin" user, the password of "root" user will be synchronized.
  STEP 4.

Basic configuration is finished with this Product Responsibility screen. Click the right arrow button to move to the next step.
  STEP 5.

Now you see this screen.

From now, you just setup the server functions by this management UI. But anyway, let us change the IP address of the server to connect your LAN.
  STEP 6.

Click "Server Management" tab and choose "TCP/IP" item of the "System Settings" menu.

You can change the host name and IP address of the server. let us change from initial default adress to something suitable address. (for this example, Then click "Save" button.
  You will see this screen shot image a while, but the browser shows the next screen (login panel) automatically.
  STEP 7.

Now your server use the new Ip address, you login to the server again.

This time, you access to the new address (for example, ) then type "admin" for username and the new password of it.
  STEP 8.

You see the management UI again. And let us do more one step, you have to change the IP address of the "site" of the server.

This virtual site list will appear when you click "Site Management" tab. So you have to set the IP address of the server itself to the new IP address too. (in this example,กห
Click the pencil icon on the right side of the list.
  STEP 9.

You see the configuration screen of the site, change the IP address to new one. (in this example, )

Then click "Save" button to proceed it.
  The virtual site list will be shown again. Please check the IP address had been updated successfully. That is all, for changing IP address of the server.
  STEP 10.

Now access to the server with new IP address. (in this example, )

Please add "/login" to the URL when you go to the management UI. (for example, )