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Just 10 years ago, the 3rd of July 2003 was the startup day of our Project BlueQuartz.
BlueQuartz is the community version based on the open source code of Cobalt server appliance.
To all people who love Cobalt Microserver, Sun Cobalt Server Appliance and BlueQuartz.
Thank you.

Here is the message of us at that time.

July 2013.
Cobalt Users Group / Project BlueQuartz
Yutaka Yasuda

To check the recent activities, see mailing list and Trac system for bugtracking and discussion.

10 Nov. 2008 : We exhibited Kansai Open Source 2008 / Roll up communities, in Osaka, Japan.
03 Dec. 2007 : We updated the report of Kansai Open Source 2007 / Roll up communities, in Osaka, Japan.
01 Nov. 2007 : A document "How to translate messages of UI" is available.
12 Apr. 2007 : We Added Trac system link to the top page and replace source distribusion page.
19 Dec. 2006 : BlueQuartz folder had been added to resources.
18 Dec. 2006 : We updated the report of Kansai Open Source 2006 / Roll up communities, in Osaka, Japan.
17 Dec. 2006 : We updated the report of BlueQuartz conference 2006/Summer. It's too late update, sorry for my laziness.
25 May. 2006 : We updated the report of Open Source Conference 2006 exhibition, in Tokyo, Japan.
18 May. 2006 : BlueQuartz sticker had been added to resources.
18 May. 2006 : BlueQuartz ball point pen had been added to resources.
18 May. 2006 : We updated the report of Kansai Open Source 2005 / Roll up communities, in Osaka, Japan.
18 May. 2006 : We updated the report of BlueQuartz conference 2005/Summer. Sorry for my laziness.
11 Aug. 2005 : We will host the second BlueQuartz conference 2005/Summer at 1st Sep. in Nagano, JAPAN.
25 Mar. 2005 : We have exhibited to Open Source Conference 2005 event, in Tokyo, Japan.
19 Dec. 2004 : Mr. Oda conributed BlueQuartz serial console HOWTO document. Thanks.
09 Dec. 2004 : MMQUBE3 was introduced by Linux Magazine in Japan, see Published Documents.
15 Nov. 2004 : "BlueQuartz 5100R Install kit howto with Fedora Core 1." has screen shots now. Thanks Oda-san.
22 Oct. 2004 : We have exhibited to Kansai Open Source 2004 / Roll up communities to Kansai event, in Osaka, Japan.
02 Sep. 2004 : We have hosted the first BlueQuartz conference 2004/Summer in Nagano, JAPAN.
01 Sep. 2004 : Now your browser will show the favicon on your URL bar. Thanks Matsuo.
21 Aug. 2004 : One more document had been added. "BlueQuartz 5100R Setup Wizard, Step by Step."
07 Aug. 2004 : A bfiref document "Adding your menu item on UI" is on wire.
06 Aug. 2004 : A document "BlueQuartz 5100R Install kit howto with Fedora Core 1" is available. 
13 Jul. 2004 : From now, we use bluequartz.org.
06 May. 2004 : New article by Hisao published in Japan with CD, see Published Documents.
20 Mar. 2004 : We start to assign model numbers to protect against conflicting problem.
14 Mar. 2004 : I add a report of the 21th meeting in Tokyo, JAPAN.
10 Mar. 2004 : New version of 5100R is available (10 Mar ver.) See Source Code page to get it.
04 Mar. 2004 : We serve Logos and Marks as a part of our Resources.
27 Feb. 2004 : The 21th meeting of Cobalt Users Group will exhibit in Tokyo, JAPAN.
19 Feb. 2004 : Several articles info added into Published Documents.
15 Feb. 2004 : Now archive feature is available for our mailing list.
15 Feb. 2004 : How to Create Open Qube document was translated in English. Thanks Jake!
07 Feb. 2004 : RaQ550 based BlueQuartz install package released. Check it and enjoy, please.
24 Jan. 2004 : Our logo and mark debut. It is contibuted by appleple.com, thanks!
20 Jan. 2004 : For English developers, English based Mailing List service is available now.
24 Dec. 2003 : RaQ550 is opened. Please check out Source Code page and enjoy.
27 Nov. 2003 : 2 articles had been released, see Published Documents.
19 Sep. 2003 : Terms Dictionary is open. Sorry for the limited English. Please help us for better result.
18 Sep. 2003 : RedHat 9 install kit and CVS pointer is open on Source Code page.
13 Aug. 2003 : Document on books page available. We will gather document info on books or net.
13 Aug. 2003 : Pleaese check 19th Meeting in Tokyo, that shows the announcement day of Open Source Project.
16 Jul. 2003 : version 1.4 source code was released

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December 2003, finally Sun Microsystems released the source code of RaQ 550 software under Open Source based license, following to the last release of Qube3 software on July 2003. Now the both software of two main product lines are available as Open Source software.

"Project BlueQuartz" is the name of the activity to support porting and maintenance tasks voluntarily provided by Cobalt Users Group. The Cobalt Users Group has already released Qube3 based BlueQuartz software through this web site.

The Cobalt Users Group will continue to participate in the deployment of the all of Cobalt based software including the porting tasks to RaQ 550 based BlueQuartz system.

RaQ 550 series has been discontinued and no development plan exists for a new product which inherits Cobalt DNA. However, the Cobalt DNA will survive, because Sun Microsystems has opened it.

We, Cobalt Users Group in Japan, really appreciate Sun Microsystems and the enthusiasm of all of the staff who provided their efforts for this work.
Thank you very much!

Yutaka Yasuda, Cobalt Users Group

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We are hosting a mailing list.

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There are some stories about Cobalt and their products because we have a long exchanging history with guys of Cobalt. We hope to share and enjoy them with you.

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